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Skaijo's News

Posted by Skaijo - November 5th, 2008

Skaijo's Busy List of Things To Do:

1. Prep for the $140 Graduate Requirement Exam

2. Synthesize a Tannic Acid / Brominated Hexane Polymer before Nov 20 or before my funding runs out (whatever comes first).

3. Pass Spectroscopic Identification of Organic Compounds.

4. Send out my $60 Graduate Applications and pray that some school out there excepts me... TT_TT

5. Animate.

Things I've Already Done:

+ Make sure Obama wins the Presidential Election

+ Laundry.

Posted by Skaijo - June 5th, 2008

So Obama took the nomination for the Dem party a few nights ago! That's big news--especially hear in Atlanta. If I had to stake my claim to America, I'd say I'm def. California-based--with the exception that I was done with the Clintons after 2000. For crying out loud, we were almost going to form multiple legacies in the presidential office. We already had one (Bush and Bush Jr.), which could have honestly done better if the ever present effect of corruption (which effected both Dem and Rep admins) didn't effect the administration so vehemently. In fact, I actually appreciated some of the legislation passed these past 8 years such as the SMART grant, which netted me $4k for being a Chem major (but not so much the PATRIOT ACT which accurately gave me a -$50,000 fine on my bank account just because my street address wasn't verified).

So I'm willing to see a lot of gray in this situation.

So he one the nomination last night, but I feel kind of dejected. Why? Everyone talks about how this race was built on race. And that's fine--anyone's narrow mindset or outlook on life brings no clouds my way. But I'm still bugged. The White vote, the Black vote, the Latin vote--Hell, on CNN last night I actually heard them say the Native American vote.

What about the Asian vote? :_:

I guess it's all just peas in the pot, but it's still sad to not see the stereotyped voting trends of your fellow people on 24-hour news shows.

... ...

Maybe I'm just lucky. :D

Anyway, Kudos all around to all the Dem candidates. This was the first time I voted. <3


I asked Tom to remove my animations yesterday from Newgrounds. Even though the we thought the animations were funny, they used copyrighted material to make them--which was brought to my attention yesterday when they were deleted from DA. There's no point having something that was made with such little effort carry such major malevolent mojo over my head. I don't want to be considered a thief of any sort, because I know what it's like to get your work stolen or misrepresented.

So I'm really sorry--whether I made a personal offense or not. Next time I use Ty's voice, it'll be with original art work done by me.

I love Yotsuba, and I'll do anything to help spread the word on the manga!*

*(Edit: Short of offending people and copyright infringement).

But seriously though, my apologies if I boiled any blood. Great Moments was just a way for me to pass the time hear in Atlanta with some goofy voice files I had backed up in my computer. Nothing personal, right?


Did you guys know that the makers of FLCL made an official sequel to the old (but classic) anime Gunbuster? It looks MARVELOUS and has inspired me once again to Aim for the Top (pun, I'm awesome). Gainax animates their OVA's the same way how I want to do my Trip series (Don't Trip was almost entirely influenced by FLCL). The fast and furious approach to animating is just so cool. The story suffers, but you sacrifice to demonstrate a multitude of scenarios that are just FUN (plain and simple FUN) to work on. That's really all that animating should be about, especially as a hobby--the fun of it.

I recommend you guys wiki or check out Gunbuster 2 (also known as Diebuster, because theres no such thing as an anime with just one title. Yes I'm serious.).

I'm going to work around this animation to influence my work on my next big project. :D

*insert official DVD artwork (which I also didn't make btw, :P )

Asian Vote-Shmasian Vote...

Posted by Skaijo - May 26th, 2008

My animation (and pride and joy), This is UNMEI is finally complete! Check it out!


More to come? Most likely. Ty screamed his voice playing Rock Band at home. Which makes me want to go back all the more sooner (yeah right, I love it here in Atlanta. But I would take a quick vacation for Rockband. >:D ).

It's been doing very well on NG, which I have no control over. The last two came damn near close to robbing a daily out of other author's hard work. That would have been a real shame since newer artists take real pride in getting those awards, and I'm making them just to spread the word on a spectacular manga.

Honestly, I don't care what scores any of my animations get so long as I can continue to share them (and getting more people to read Yotsubato! is a definitive plus). I'm thinking of adding an additional warning aside from already calling my animation LOUD, STUPID, SHORT, and A WASTE OF TIME so that it won't get such a huge score in contrast to the work I put into it.

NEW ANIMATION (The Love I'm Searching 4)

Hm, I'm still planning it out mentally. But it's a story that takes place in the community I established in This is UNMEI. This one won't focus on Uli and her conquest against the always ominous tRip threat. Instead, it will focus on her little sister Ilu, and will be much more toned down. You see, I want to improve as an animator, and I figure my greatest weakness at this point is backgrounds. So I'm going to see if I can animate with an emphasis on backgrounds and fluid movement.

Its kind of weird, since this will my first major project that doesn't have violence in it. Will I be able to still entertain the internet demographic with no violence? We'll see. Either way, it's coming out. Please give me your support!


Posted by Skaijo - January 9th, 2008

"I won't lose to rain"--so says the latest chapter of Yotusbato!


Is it just me or are the Naruto chapters getting really really good and the Bleach chapters getting more suckerier by the month. Gee whiz. There are way too mnay characters for me to keep up in bleach and they never seem to die--ever--EVAR.


Hmmm... with a new school semester out I won't have nearly as much time to animate as I'd like. So I'm back to weekends and holidays for my animating sched--which is fine with me because I was just about sick of flash over this winter break. Oye, I'm glad it's just a hobby that I do for fun. I nearly go cross-eyed staring at my screen and listning to the same 30 second interval of music over and over again.

THIS IS PROGRESS (This is Unmei--new animation)

For those out of my personal loop, I'm making a sequel to Don't Trip--called, This is Unmei.

It's nearly complete! I just need some more touch up work and I've got some good friends lending me their artistic eyes. Currently, that's the only animating I've got on the horizon. :D

Posted by Skaijo - October 23rd, 2007

Plans: This is Unmei, Xxxxx Xxxxx Yotsuba, Campus Nerds: Nerdacon


Not too early to announce this but This is Unmei is already over a minute done. Considering this is only a 2.53 minute animation, that's pretty good. Good chance I'll finish it within 2007--and it's looking to be the best thing I've animated yet. >_<

I'd post some more images, but what's the point really? They're all pretty crazy looking. I'll upload more after fall break.

"Blankity Blank" YOTSUBA

Because I can--and I should. <3

I'm still wavering on some really great ideas. The only problem is that Ty and I can't think of any decently good jokes to do with so many already popular series. That plus it makes the entirety of the project nearly 1000% easier when we already have music from the game that was previously cropped and sequenced like the one in MGY.

We'll keep knocking our heads.


Nerdacon is coming around again and I need to make an animation for it. My plan is to put together a list of all the things that I love-hate about campus nerds and spam them to death. Literally. But without the spam.


+I plan to update Pick Up: Act Two so that the audio can be improved for it's release on UGOPlayer.

+I may need a root canal. :(

+I'm the best Big Bang Beat Player in my city. (kick ass!)

This Is Unmei!

Posted by Skaijo - August 22nd, 2007

Pick Up: Act Two! Finally, right?

Pick Up: Act Two is coming out the week of August 27th. It's been a long awaited sequel. Right now, I'm piecing together the audio. The animation should be complete by Monday with a screening on my DeviantArt Page. I'll be happy to welcome all kinds of critisicms before I make the upload to NG.

Anyone interested in seeing the Trailer or preview shots are more than welcomed to check 'em out here:


Questions or Comments:

Pick Up:  Act Two