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Did somebody say...


Jay6 responds:

Well you're about to go bananas! ON THE MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO- *shot*

Wonderful time!

Great fun--just what games are supposed to be.


I can't believe you uploaded this game on Newgrounds.

I don't have to play it. I've been warning my friends about this game for about a week since I broke me on AG. It dumbfounded me and really made me feel really helpless and sad. It broke my heart on what otherwise would have been a great day. It really connected with me in the worst and most fantastic way possible. I doubt I could bring myself to go through that trauma again, but I must say that any emotional toying you intended from the start hit me harder than I could ever admit.

Damn you and great job!

acrazycanadian responds:

Video games started out as toys, but now they're toying with you :)

I almost didn't want it to end...

Loved just being dropped in the middle of nowhere and having to let my own gamer intuition take over. The simple style made it easy for me to know immediately what was friend and what was foe. After that, I had a fun struggle just setting everything up, and then I became relaxed under the mechanics of the game. I started getting cocky, and spending way more days than needed just deliberately sleeping and killing larger and larger enemies. Would have loved to seen a harder batch of enemies progressively come around (with higher defense or more life) or maybe just and endless burst of those really large enemies. I didn't mind switching to the boom gun because the short range on it brought back some difficulties by the time I became a god. Supremely fun all around. And incredibly user friendly in a really subtle kind of way.

You know I consider it a great honor just to be recognized by you. ;3


Incredibly enjoyable! Highly appreciative checkpoint system and rewarding mechanics and ending. Great stuff--please pat yourselves on the back for me. :3


Happened in levels one and four, I kept shooting the same cowboy but every time his life bar went down, it just instantly refilled. He wouldn't go down no matter how much I shot him. :/ Ads after every level completed don't really help much either...

Needs an endless mode...

Really could have been great if I could have kept playing. Like an endless/sandbox mode. It was great fun until the game decided it wanted to stop playing... : /

Box of Fantastic

It's just so poignant. And the twist in the game play really adds so much to the entire experience. You really do end up playing with just yourself and it's so fantastic to be a part of this kind of game so intimately.

Really great stuff. It'd take the edge off the story if you felt compelled to make a sequel, but I'm sure we'd all love some challenge levels for whenever you have the time to make em. :3


I guess I'm a bit biased in that I love the music of Sufjan Stevens. That aside though, I was immediately charmed by this flash.

+The Grandma situation was really heart warming as she really reminded me of my own mommy's mom.

-It took forever for the other line on the phone to pick up though, and even if that's a purposeful joke, it was annoying in a way that robbed from the quality of the flash--rather than make me like it more. I'd suggest the use of a "..." animation half way through the wait just so people will realize that the flash hadn't stalled--or make the wait slightly less.

-I got a few "undefined" statements from Grandma too, which kind of bunked me back to reality.

+/- It's a shame there wasn't more games, I was having fun.

Great stuff--I bow down to your programming skill and if you ever get the chance to say hi to Sufjan, give him a wave for me. :3

asthmatickitty responds:

Thanks for the review! Yeah, grandma's pick-up-the-phone speed is set to random, so sometimes it takes longer. Sorry about that.

A lot of work went in to this

+Nice graphics
+Solid controls, there's a real skill set that's required if you need to excel
+/- An overhead map isn't really necessary in a game this linear--but it took me a while to find out that I could walk underneath the trees. Maybe if some of them could be spread out a bit more, I wouldn't run into this problem.
-Serious lag once the screen is riddle with enemies makes the game practically unplayable. A quality toggle would be a nice improvement.

Overall great job on this game. It was fun for the moments where the gameplay fps was smooth but lagged to a point of unleveled frustration afterwards. Still though, a lot of work went into this which is why I 5/5.

I only read 10 reviews. xD If you have a honest issue about my work, you're taking me too seriously.

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