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I only read 10 reviews. xD If you have a honest issue about my work, you're taking me too seriously.

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Y'all want to see what I'm working on?

Posted by Skaijo - November 27th, 2010

Comments (13)

Pretty good,you should upload it!

When it's done in about a year or so. xD

Whoa, I'm like, all high and stuff now. =w=

Nice to hear from ya again! So far so good!


That intro looks excellent!


Lovely action and timing there, a great build-up too. Now we only have to wait X months before we can actually see it... but it does showcase, once again, your evolution as an animator.


Btw, I've re-watched The Love I'm Searching 4 and I was too harsh in my review, really. It's an amazing piece of animation, with so much going on, much more depth and stuff then I first realized.

Technically, it was a big step up for you, but much more than that, it's a movie with heart and a genuine expression of feelings. It's great and I was far too harsh when it came to the music too, it's a lot better than my initial impression, especially after I stopped to pay attention to the lyrics themselves.

So kudos again, The Love I'm Searching 4 was one of the best flash movies last year and it deserved (even) more recognition than it received.

Thanks for the rewatch, I'm completely comfortable with the level of attention any of my stuff gets. I feel like I have just the right amount of people looking at my stuff with individuals like you who are willing to really look at what I make while also shielding myself from the onslaughts of douchebaggary.

Robots? Love?
I can't wait for it..especially because of Robots. (I'm really involved with Robotics at school and that short clip made that part of my brain go, "LOOK! LOOK! ROBOT!!! ARGH!!!", haha..)


Cant wait to see it. love the Apc, looks menacing and fits the style of the competing company.

Looks awesome. Looking forward to it :D

Of course we do!

Yay! A fellow science PHD student! I'm working on one in Neurobiology. I started checking out your flashes today and they are great. Welcome to my favorite authors list! You may have inspired me to use photos in a background of a flash some day. Unfortunately, I started to pick up flash when I entered grad school and lost all my free time. Thus I have no finished flashes yet. Someday I hope to have some good ones like yours.

I appreciate the kind words, just keep at it. There's nothing you can't get better at with practice and love.

Excited to see this make its debut. Will it be a series?

Probs not, I'm so busy with school, that if I ever finish this, I'll be on my next idea from there.