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Y'all want to see what I'm working on?

2010-11-27 19:02:36 by Skaijo



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2010-11-27 19:04:08

Pretty good,you should upload it!

Skaijo responds:

When it's done in about a year or so. xD


2010-11-27 19:53:26

Whoa, I'm like, all high and stuff now. =w=


2010-11-28 18:05:13

Nice to hear from ya again! So far so good!


2010-12-11 18:13:04



2010-12-17 16:27:59

That intro looks excellent!


Lovely action and timing there, a great build-up too. Now we only have to wait X months before we can actually see it... but it does showcase, once again, your evolution as an animator.



2010-12-22 10:58:30

Btw, I've re-watched The Love I'm Searching 4 and I was too harsh in my review, really. It's an amazing piece of animation, with so much going on, much more depth and stuff then I first realized.

Technically, it was a big step up for you, but much more than that, it's a movie with heart and a genuine expression of feelings. It's great and I was far too harsh when it came to the music too, it's a lot better than my initial impression, especially after I stopped to pay attention to the lyrics themselves.

So kudos again, The Love I'm Searching 4 was one of the best flash movies last year and it deserved (even) more recognition than it received.

Skaijo responds:

Thanks for the rewatch, I'm completely comfortable with the level of attention any of my stuff gets. I feel like I have just the right amount of people looking at my stuff with individuals like you who are willing to really look at what I make while also shielding myself from the onslaughts of douchebaggary.


2011-01-13 00:02:26

Robots? Love?
I can't wait for it..especially because of Robots. (I'm really involved with Robotics at school and that short clip made that part of my brain go, "LOOK! LOOK! ROBOT!!! ARGH!!!", haha..)


2011-02-10 16:19:03



2011-03-22 23:40:31

Cant wait to see it. love the Apc, looks menacing and fits the style of the competing company.


2011-06-09 17:56:49

Looks awesome. Looking forward to it :D


2011-07-15 23:17:45

Of course we do!


2011-08-09 01:54:35

Yay! A fellow science PHD student! I'm working on one in Neurobiology. I started checking out your flashes today and they are great. Welcome to my favorite authors list! You may have inspired me to use photos in a background of a flash some day. Unfortunately, I started to pick up flash when I entered grad school and lost all my free time. Thus I have no finished flashes yet. Someday I hope to have some good ones like yours.

Skaijo responds:

I appreciate the kind words, just keep at it. There's nothing you can't get better at with practice and love.


2011-08-13 23:50:48

Excited to see this make its debut. Will it be a series?

Skaijo responds:

Probs not, I'm so busy with school, that if I ever finish this, I'll be on my next idea from there.