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There's Nothing To It!

2010-08-15 10:55:12 by Skaijo

Just been busy with research. Work has been the kind of thing where every 3 good days is followed by 2 bad ones, followed by a lazy half-day. :3 Progress.

More work done with BABY since that'll need the most time in the long run. Saw my fam last month and didn't bother with voice acting--I just enjoyed having them near. <3 I can always phone it in. :)

New school semester is a'loomin up. Must not cry from anxiety. Strong lady. *personal hug. Focus.


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2010-08-15 12:37:32

I'm not worried about school, its just annoying how much time it takes out.


2010-08-30 02:40:52

I cant wait for prof episode 7 :D


2010-09-08 15:39:59

You guys DO know that Layton parodies < real life, right?

Good luck with things, Skaijo.

Skaijo responds:

Sometimes I feel as if I do forget that. xD Pressure. But this is the first time I heard this kind of re-assurance from outside my own head. Thanks a mil. <3


2010-09-21 20:59:56

Make like 50 more professor laytons... PLS.


2010-10-20 20:58:40

Layton....please. Your comedic genius is unsurpassed.


2010-11-06 01:26:05

Well if we're making comments about the Layton series here, I'll take the opportunity to ask, in light of recent events: will we be seeing Phoenix Wright at all in an upcoming episode? :P


2010-11-09 10:59:50

Nowhere in Skaijo's post is Layton mentioned. If you learned to read, then perhaps you'd see that she's busy with real life. You know, classes, research, work? Important things.

Keep at it, Skaijo. Don't let the workload get to you, and don't let these comments pressure you into anything. You know what's important.


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