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Spring Break--A Few Days to Goof Off

Posted by Skaijo - March 20th, 2010

And of course, get some animating in.

But first, a quick update on school. I just had all of my midterms here at GTech. I need to pass all my classes to survive until next semester. :3 So far I'm very much on track. My greatest issue is improving on a poor midterm grade I received when the class average was a 63 out of 100. I've met with the professor many times and have scheduled and opportunity for me to improve me class standing. Until then, I'm holding off on doing any research until my all my classes are done. I'm planning on working with lignin, should anyone care. xD

BABY: I Love You

As you guys can tell for my latests posts, I've settled on an art style for my latest major project, BABY: I Love You which is kind of a mix between the style I used with The Love I'm Searching 4 and vectored objects/background patterns. I think it has a really distinct appearance that not only makes the presentation more unique but also highlights the work put into the backgrounds collages.

I'm switching the story a bit for something easier to grasp in the animation too. Basically...
BADASS Co., who manufactures the world's most power-housed and custom "hardcore" 'bots (mecha'bots, fem'bots, etc.) hates the fact that they're being driven to bankruptcy by the likes of Darling Tech and their line of "casual" robots--that admittedly don't even really do anything aside from having nostalgia value and consistently being the cheaper option (--though, when you think about it, who really wants to get caught owning a fem'bot???).

Still D. Badass, owner of BADASS Co., decides to put his inventory to good (evil?) use and literally crush his competition--namely Mai Darling, former wife and the current head of Darling Tech. The only one who can save Mai Darling is her daughter, Ima Darling, who like most of the Darling robots, isn't skilled at crap. But with the help of one of Mai's robotic rejects, maybe Ima just may be able to save the day... or not.

I'm actually storyboarding this before I start the animating process which means that there's is going to be some ridiculously awesome, well-coordinated, action seen in this project.

Professor Layton pt. 7

No promises since I won't have any face-to-face contact with TW until the summer (hopefully). Though a premise is pretty much established on my part. Also, since I declined to complete on Epically Huge Cereal Eating Hamster, I got the opportunity to recycle a lot of jokes that were in that project and incorporate them into Layton 7 with a characteristic spin. All and all, I've got my .doc of lines ever growing. :3

That's really it. I wanted to say that I really appreciate the love everyone has offered to me since last update. It's been really moving to come to see so many pat on the backs offered. That's very sweet. Thank you very much.

Spring Break--A Few Days to Goof Off

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Nice to hear your doing well in grad school... from the sound of it, better than me too. T_T

Anyway, before anything else, I recently re-watched The Love I'm Searching 4, and let me say that it really is a great piece of animation, I think I may have underestimated it when it first came out! It has many poignant scenes and just feels, well, special. So belayed kudos!


BABY: I Love You sounds ridiculously-stupefyingly-amazingly-i ncredibly-fantastically-<insert adjective here> awesome. Given the way your skills have/are improving, it's bound to be brilliant. ^_^

Shame we have to wait for the next Layton though... T_T

I love you. And all of your work. Keep it up. I love Yotsuba Snake. <3

and because of this

i cant wait till you start putting them out again
i am pooping myself in anticipation

I hope you get to finish Layton 7 as soon as possible.
It's just so awesome :D
In fact it's so awesome I even did a fanart:
<a href="http://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/kreu-zung/bad-bad-mr-layton">http://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/kr eu-zung/bad-bad-mr-layton</a>