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Finals Week

2009-12-05 09:59:56 by Skaijo

After much ado, it's finally finals week here at GTech.

Some things I've learned along the way:

+How to cause/survive a chemical spill (serious story)
+Desensitize myself to failure (sad story)
+Hit squirrels (sinister story)


Honestly, for the three classes I'm taking, I stand a pretty good chance to pass all of them so long as I put in the work this weekend to study and review material. One class I'm taking called Spectroscopic Identification of Organic Compounds is probably kicking my ass the most only that it's a skill-based class, so you can study all you want but you only really get good with practice (which is always an issue of, "Did I practice enough to do well on the exam?"). The test formats tend to lick dick though too (Too many problems, too little time). But meanwhile, Organic Mechanisms final should hopefully go well (in terms of me being able to struggle for survival) and my Macromolecular Structures can be a good experience with good old-fashioned studying (provided I quit falling asleep reading the material).



Lately this past month, I've been taking hour-long breaks to work on The Love I'm Searching 4 with hopes I can finish it before the month is out. The final scene is already animated, I'm just fine-tuning in between parts and filling in scribble drafts with actual character models. It's beautiful and destined for obscurity--but lol, I'm so proud of it--and no one ever sees the my Trip animations anyway. xD

Won't stop me from doing what I dig.


There's been a great amount of love for the Prof. Layton series. I've seen multiple uploads on youtube, account makings on facebook, and even fan art on DA which moves me deeply. I'm very honored and appreciative. Thank you! I plan on making a Part 6 this holiday break to start the "second season" of Professor Layton and the Malignant Growth. As tough as it is to find time to work on them, I had the oppurtunity to try online VA sessions with TW this Thanksgiving past for a Part 6. Unfortunately, I worked him horse pretty quickly as we were working on a new character. xD

Goals for this season (in no particular order):

-Don Paulo
-Karl the Black Asshole Returns
-Layton's Date


Considering all the crap I've got next semester, I'll mostly be focused on very small projects for some time to come. :( If I use my time more wisely though, I shouldn't have an issue doing my research and animating at the same time though. But I need to grow more discipline. I'm using grad school as an excuse to grow as an person, and I've much work to accomplish.


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2009-12-09 19:13:02

Can't wait for Prof Layton 6. Don't rush it though! :) Also, what do you mean by second season of the series?


2009-12-21 17:10:09

You push yourself too hard, you'll start to stumble. lol
Find the time to relax whenever you can, even if they're small breaks.

Still, its always good to get things moving along.