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Professor Layton pt. 5! COMPLETE!

Posted by Skaijo - July 21st, 2009

Much love for everyone's patience and help. <3


This was the most fun Prof. Layton animation I've worked on yet. It started off with about 2 hours of audio recorded, which then got sorted out to about 17 minutes. Then slimmed down by voting to about ten. Then finally, and with great griping, crunched down to about 5 minutes. The last bits were hard to get rid of because there were a lot of good lines and running jokes I wanted to include in this episode, but they would have made pt. 5 way too long--still, there's always future shots.

Also, after hearing the jokes +50x, they all became completely dead on a funny-level. I had to take a several day-breaks from this project just so it could sound fresh again. It's rough working when you're comedy-blind.

I'm glad I was able to carry out a lot of the motifs I had established since the first episode. Even though the art is my personal Lazy Style <3, it's my style all the same--and I like to make fun challenges for myself. One of the main fun-loving-goals was in the openings, where one supporting/main character will always enter a scene from out of the shot or from behind a door. Just simple stuff like that. Maybe next month I'll break that pattern... It'll be fun coming with a new quirk.

Lot's of puzzles this time around to make up for the sincere lack of em during pt. 4. Now that I think about it, pt. 1, my other Doctor vs. Layton animation had only a couple of puzzles too. Doctor vs. Layton scenarios usually call for a different kind of humor (than my Luke vs. Layton scenes) that's harder to pin puzzles too.

I also took the chance to try to animate with characters based more closely to the original character models--mostly as a surprise. I won't lie to sound cool, that quick scene took me all day and an extra morning to finish. xD I noticed that the color palettes of the originals are slightly different than mine since I just pulled my colors straight from the pre-assembled pallet offered in Flash. I also had to toy with the character outfits, especially Flora's, to make them match my versions since I drew those originally from memory. ...What else? Oh! No fingers! I hate drawing fingers. xD

Final note: The folks at "Whoever Translates Layton Games" finally gave Audrey the official name, Katie. This wasn't the case during pt. 4, so I had to make the name "Audrey" up. To help glide around that inconsistency, I just made Audrey her middle name that Layton calls her by. Maybe if they get more friendly (or caustic >:3) towards each other, he can start calling her Katie (the official name).

FINAL FINAL Note: I stopped bleeping out the cursing when it stopped being funny around the first curse in. After that, I found that they were too distracting away from the awesomely delivered lines. *(Favorite--> "What the f*** have I been doing on weekends when I could have been RAPING BRAINS???" powerlol)

Anyway, much love for reading all of this! <3 Hoped you liked it!

Professor Layton pt. 5!  COMPLETE!

Comments (17)

Five'd. This made my night. Oh man.

LOL that was so awsome you have a new fan :^D

I hate getting those sexy pudding ads.


I know I HATE those!

That was one of the best things ever. (But 3 is still better) :3


I just finished the series. The writing is phenomenal... My fave was the grocery store episode. I really appreciate the &quot;interactive&quot; learning puzzle type jokes... it really preserved the whole sesame street/educational children show feel that us 23 yr olds grew up on. I found it to be a stroke of genius. And also many of the camera angles were amazing. I'm REALLY impressed with the directing. Super great job. I look forward to seeing more of your work.

It's a really fun game. If you ever have the funds/oppurtunity to check it out, it's a def recommendation! Thanks a lot for the time and love. I try not to put too much though into the directing, :P. Really, I'm just frequently looking at new angles to animate because there's very little unique movement of the characters and a lazy vibe starts to set in after 10 or so seconds of the same scene. xD

WHAT THE FUCK. Epic, btw. XD


can't wait to see the doctor again tho

OMG ! That was so funny ! Really !!! +1 FAN !
I'm going to see the rest now ! Haha ! Awesome !

How exactly old is Flora in whore years?

Or a whore never tells?

"A whore never tells."

I'm laughing out loud!

I'm a huge fan of the series since I discovered it when Pt. 2 came out and I cried laughing. A few of my friends have been quoting the series since then. Some of my favorite lines are

&quot;Baseball! Touchdown!&quot; &quot;Puddingman!&quot; &quot;I killed your parents and you are stupid. What do you have to say about that?!&quot; (There's tons more that randomly pop in my head).

I think my new favorite one will be &quot;You don't touch me because I don't touch myself!&quot; (I love the closeup on the prof you animated for that line.) I might also start saying &quot;I&quot;m 42!&quot; though I didn't find that line as funny.

Part 5 was still as awesome as the others and you've done a great job! My hat's off to all the voice actors. I wouldn't change the style; it's just about perfect.

I did the close up on Layton's face because I was intially tempted to have the line flash on the screen like when Luke says something worth quoting--but there was so much text pop ups already. The nice was so awesomely delivered that I couldn't just let it go by without some way to focus on just Layton--so I did the close up.

TW is practically my best friend and only VA for these projects and I'll send him your love!

My man don't own me, I own my MAN!

You funky monkey, you stupid little, girly man! Lol I couldn't stop laughing, thanks a lot, can't wait for part 6 :D

When is part 6 coming ?

funny has 5 letters, same as the score i voted today at 13:10 completed the puzzle-movie, and had a LOLER: that has 5 letters on it too.

btw great part as usual.

What Program do you use to animate?

I love this animation it is briliant :D

Don't know if you heard, you got mentioned in one of the Professor Layton's tweets. (Promotional Thing :/)

<a href="http://twitter.com/tophatprofessor">http://twitter.com/tophatprofessor</a>

No, I had no idea. I thought that was an official publicity stunt--so that's kind of surprising.

omg professor Layton is ridiculous..... thank you sooooooo much for it!