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Layton, LOVE, and Laziness --Oh My! (June 09)

Posted by Skaijo - May 30th, 2009

I head out for Georgia Tech this August to start my quest for a PhD in Chemistry. I'm in the process of trying to get a fellowship which, if I win it, will guarantee I won't be eating ramen and kool-aid until I get my doctorate.

But that's still two more months of non-stop chilling at home with mom. At first it was great to have a vacation away from school--but now I'm suffering mad Stress Withdrawal Symptoms. I find myself procrastinating over the *stupidest crap just so I can guilt trip myself into shameful bliss.

*see stocking up on ramen and kool-aid

Video Game Recap:

+I finally got to play Portal! It was a fun TWO HOURS! xD Good thing a sequels a'comin'.
+I finished playing Plants vs. Zombies--great game! Hugely addicting for sure! Best thing I've played this month.
+Now I'm going through my legally purchased copy of Fable. I hate being good--but I can't stand myself being bad. It's obvious my fresh pair of manly man balls since playing FallOut 3 have shriveled surely.



I DON'T blame Tyrone for having a life outside of voicing my animations, and I understand all the stresses he's been under lately--but the guy is still a jerk! xD But! After ditching out of supplying me lines three times--I finally got the seeds of the next episode in this series.

At first I was planning on another Doctor/Karl/Layton episode, but a good opportunity to squeeze in a Luke/Flora/Layton scenario showed up during the recording session and I'll run with that while the idea is fresh. We'll have to record with mom in the living room (long story), so there will need to be a greater emphasis on well written tirades rather than flat out cursing--or even pretend cursing (which gets bleeped out regardless for that tough-sounding PG-13+ effect :3 ).


57-60% Complete

This animation keeps looking better and better. I've got the file size down to 13MB so there's a great chance I can slide in at about 20ish MB when all is said and done. I'm getting pretty ballsy with the effects too. I really don't think anything can stop me!

More screenshots to come!

BABY: I LOVE YOU (aka Project BABY)

So, Project BABY will be seeing some background story revelations by the way of Mai Darling is Busy reports like the one here:

Mai will keep posting reports as I continue to get closer to finally working on Project BABY and they'll make for nifty extras when I finally finish the animation.

Layton, LOVE, and Laziness --Oh My! (June 09)

Comments (7)

Sweet, good luck with the flash.

I appreciate the love. My eyes are forward. :3

mmm ramen.

TL/DR sosry...

Mmm. Can't wait to see what's next.

Good luck with everything. Look forward to your upcoming project.

Also, what exactly is happening on June 9th? Because that's also my birthday :3

mehh, you lost me at ramen.
Im guessing by the responses you've had, your working on a flash? good luck with it!


A couple. :3

I appreciate the love. Get some sleep already!

Your Layton movies have brought me no end of smiles. Glad to hear there are plans for another! And I know how those bliss trips go whilst on vacations, higher education is a trying time.