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I only read 10 reviews. xD If you have a honest issue about my work, you're taking me too seriously.

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...is hard.

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It's incredible how our love for media distracts us from our studies.

Truth be told, I don't have my X-Box anymore for the sake of my studies.

And now that I don't have it, I question why I even wanted it in the first place.

My entertainment needs are mostly from my television anyway, and I enjoy doing more out doors stuff now.

I'm even thinking taking up guitar lessons....

I took the break as an opportunity to learn all sorts of stuff I always wanted to do--like learning to read sheet music and whistle with my fingers. Still working on the two now, but the 30 day, focused headstart, really helped out!

Best of luck on the guitar, I hears it's rough on the fingers.

Holy shiznits. I watch you on DeviantArt. It totally didn't occur to me to see if you had a Newgrounds account. Looking at it now, it makes sense that you would have one, being so gifted in flash.

Anyway, congrats on attaining your 30 day goal. Peace.

~ Jay

I had a NG account before DA, but I'll tell you nice folk like yourself are hard to come by around these parts. <3 I appreciate the love.

3 words and a smiley face: great character design!


NIce Accomplishment. i dont think i could go 30 days without checking me emails though -_- Unfortunately i need the internet for my studies for research... however i am ashamed to say i get distracted and go on just about any random site to not do my work. I get it done in the end, just not as soon as i like.

i do like your works loads, and i hope you do really well in your classes (hell, if you are as good as your flash work, then you will have no problem ^_^)

anyways hope to see more from ya soon


That's good.
You know how to concentrate! And thats not easy &not; &not;

Well, call me idiot for asking, but for when the the new layton movie? +&not;_&not;+

also, hi from Spain!