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I only read 10 reviews. xD If you have a honest issue about my work, you're taking me too seriously.

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Comments (18)

Yes, I commented this earlier. That is such an amazing work. I gave it a good rating, favorited, and everything! ^_^

I really appreciate that thank you. That was such a sweet sentiment in your review. :3 All those aspects you mentioned certainly are hard to balance in any work, but it's the attempt that makes it fun for us. :D Dude--I'd like to check out the comics you were referring too, so send me a PM any time.

Good job :D

Definitely needs a higher rating

Awesome work on your animation, and lookin forward to see more works from you!
I left a comment on it a while ago, and 5'ved it, well deserved.

I like this approach....

Can you imagine an animated series where the characters are very flat and cartoonish, bright in colors and modest shading. And the background...is very realistic.

This way...the characters stand out the most!

This is definitely a worthy flash that demonstrates your greatest in animation skills and your unique not-quite-anime and more original style of art.

Nice summary of the style I used. :3

I think you should put that rentals video up on youtube.

I think you should put THIS rentals video up on youtube.

I forgot to add to my review: 'grats on the 1st page & your second daily first!

Here's hoping you'll get loads more in the <near> future!


Yay internet trophies. :D


Just a quick heads up, 'grats on winning the daily first!

Yay for more internet medals!


Maybe this month you can actually win (hopefully) best of the month too, which would actually translate to <real money>!

But I have to say, even though it's pretty funny, quite well made and I enjoyed it a lot, the latest Prof Layton pales, technically, when compared to The Love I'm Searching 4.

Are you kidding me? xD How could you even begin to compare the two? Apples and Chimpanzees my non-horizontal, bud.


-end random comment-

Ah, I knew Professor Layton was going to get a Daily First one of these days ...

... It just doesn't seem to be as much of a gem when it's on the front page! XD

Uh hi out just out of curiosity I was wondering if i sent you a script if you could make something for me...?

its like litterally a 6 second script... I just liked your particular voice acting and art.

It's funny thinking you made "The love I'm searching 4" and the rest of the series but you made the "Professor Layton" series as well. But whatever I love all of it so ^_^

I refuse to animate myself into a corner. As long as I can stay fresh, I can be proud of what I do regardless of how it's accepted or interpreted.

Awesome as allways =)

Will I ever find the love for which I search? (don't worry, it's flash related. ;)
But I truly appreciate this animation. And I'm greatful for the explaination above. Over the last few years tinkering with animation, I've learned just how hard to chase one's dreams can be if one isn't right in the real world; if one isn't sure of one's self, or if one is simply under the hefty thumb of family.

Here's to chasing dreams and growing! May we catch them and end up wise oldies with un-clogged chakras.

I realy love it but there wern't any perverted jokes like the others

just saw pick up 2 *runs to skaijo and hugs leg* I LOVE YOU

Woot. I worked so hard on that that I doubt I could do half those effects over again if I had to work from scratch. xD